'who is paymark' video

Paymark is a NZ-wide network that connects over a hundred thousand EFTPOS terminals in stores. However, many people were not aware of the company behind this infrastructure. So Paymark commissioned TBWA\Tequila to create an introduction video that would present them as an established, sophisticated and just a bit quirky Kiwi company.

Client: Paymark

Roles: art direction / illustration / storyboard / animation direction


the website


A visitor who arrives on the Paymark's homepage can quickly learn about who Paymark is by watching a short introduction video, which is done in quirky animation style that lasts for a minute plus.

the storyboard


This was the first project I'd worked on at TBWA\Tequila. Firstly, I drew the storyboard based on the CD's script. We worked together on refining the momentum of the story — making sure it's smart, concise and had just the right amount of quirkiness. Then I presented the storyboard to the stakeholders and created the full set of graphics in Illustrator. After a few iterations the storyboard was approved and I continued by selecting the voice talent, then followed by art directing the animation sequence with a local animation studio. The result is a playful introduction video that consisely explains who Paymark is.


The finished graphics