'Adopt a Penguin' illustration

Mainland is a famous NZ brand that produces cheese and other dairy products. Each year they sponsor a conservation programme to protect New Zealand's native yellow-eyed penguins and their habitat in the South Island.

Client: Mainland

Roles: art direction / illustration / client presentation


Now I happen to love penguins so working on this project felt like serendipity. Despite the budget challenge, I still got to do some research on the penguins life-cycle and had fun illustrating them. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


website illustration concept


TBWA\Tequila was tasked to redesign a website through which primary school students could adopt a yellow-eyed penguin by uploading barcodes from Mainland canned products. Students are able to check the weekly growth progress of their adopted 'penguins' on the website.


A parent or a teacher would help the student upload the barcode, and each upload would increase the child's or his/her class chances to win a prize draw at the end of the campaign. While it was important to bring a sense of fun to this website (through illustration and cutout style), we also wanted to introduce some realistic elements through landscape photography, in order to bring home the perils that these majestic creatures face.