weekly giving summary

Pushpay's Weekly Giving Summary provides financial insights for time-sensitive Executive Pastors who are always on the move.

Client: Pushpay

Roles: co-design workshop / wireframes / lead interaction & UI design / user testing



the challenge


In late 2015 we identified an increasing customer needs for financial analytics as a part of Pushpay's merchant experience. We asked ourselves: “How can we make these financial analytics easily accessible?” and ”What sort of information would help key administrators gain insights into their church’s finance?”


customer types & priorities

We kick-started the project by conducting a 2-week discovery phase, in which we created two customer types based on stakeholder and customer interviews: Executive Pastor and Senior Pastor. One of the main tasks for an Executive Pastor was to determine how the church was performing financially based on the average gifts in a day, a week or a month. This helped with budgeting for the church's staff and ministry. 

Due to project constraints we prioritized Executive Pastor and limit the giving summary to a weekly period. This would serve the most common use case because in SME and Mid-Market churches the roles of executive and senior pastor were often merged into one. We decided that email would be the best distribution channel for the Weekly Giving Summary (WGS) because this customer type was time-sensitive, on the move and had irregular access to computer.


Benchmarking a variety of emails and mobile infographics helped us figure out how to find that balance between numbers, graphics and text for WGS.

Content workshop and benchmarks

Next, we conducted a content mapping workshop based on competitive analysis followed by a one-day co-design session with internal stakeholders to sketch out how WGS could look like.


The sketches were analysed and consolidated with the content map into lo-fi wireframes for the first round of user testing.


iterative design & user testing


Learnings from the first round of user testing were incorporated into visual mock-ups in Sketch and I gradually increased the fidelity through an iterative process which included a design review session with other designers and the product analyst, followed by a technical review with engineers. 


Another round of user testing helped us validate UI details such as colours, text size and cards’ content. We also removed two cards that were considered irrelevant for Executive Pastors.


The high fidelity visual design


One of the values of the giving summary is its ability to highlight financial insights that could have been easily missed, such as the amount of gifts that a church receives outside service times or which channel has been the most popular.

As shown above, the platform would automatically display the Campus or Funds card if the church has multiple campuses and more than one funds. 

a responsive design for mobile


The WGS tells a single story through simple infographics that is easy to digest and insightful – perfect for time-sensitive Executive Pastors who need to make quick financial decisions. 

Based on user analytics and direct feedbacks, WGS was well received by Executive Pastors and the feature has continued to evolve since then.