Paymark Website refresh

Paymark is the leading payment network in New Zealand. If you are having a night out with friends at the pub, singing like a star at a karaoke bar or just having a cuppa at a cafe, chances are you will be paying using a Paymark terminal at the counter.

However, in reality many people are unfamiliar with Paymark's brand and presence. So in order to attract new retailers and introduce Paymark to the regular New Zealand consumers, we completely redeveloped Paymark's corporate website.

A new look and feel that is at once fresh, energetic and sophisticated was needed to inspire confidence in potential clients, and position Paymark as a leader in the payment network industry.

Client: Paymark

Roles: art direction / lead design / client presentation / illustration / animation direction





A number of new features make the website more relevant for existing clients. The Network Status in the global header for example, is the most sought-after feature where retailers can easily check if there is a network issue in their areas.  Paymark's innovation and client services are also surfaced on the homepage via the case study panel. The global footer on the other hand, had been completely revamped to provide easy access to secondary level pages, whilst giving more prominence to the Pulse Online newsletter and Paymark's Twitter account.

EFTPOS Status and Icons


Welcome panel


One of the three welcome banners above is served depending on the time of the day a user visits the Paymark website. The image selection along with the time detection convey a curious and smart personality to the site.

Beautiful numbers


More than a dozen 'beautiful numbers' graphics, which represent actual transaction data in New Zealand commerce,  are served on the home page at random. They subtly portray Paymark as a leader in the payment network industry.

Product pages


The newly improved Information Architecture and layout provide a better focus on Paymark's products such as ATM machines, EFTPOS terminals and eCommerce options.