ANZ \ bank your way

Your free time is precious, so why waste hours in a bank queue when you can go chill out at the park with a coffee in your hand, or grab that doughnut you've been craving for. Well, you can do whatever you want with your free time
because at ANZ you can bank your way.

Client: ANZ                                                      Award: Best Interactive Design Award 2013, Finalist

Roles: art direction / lead & interaction design


the microsite


ANZ Bank Your Way was a campaign devised with two key strategic goals in mind: changing kiwis' perception of ANZ as a bank that truly cares about your precious free time, and building confidence in existing customers who may not be familiar with all the benefits that ANZ offered.


I designed this scrolling site as a fun and engaging way to tell a story about a one dollar coin. This one dollar coin represents your free time, and as it travels through the different segments on the page main ANZ banking benefits are displayed in a manner that is playful and familiar to everyday kiwis. For example, a lawnmower crossing the screen, a doughnut rolling in and falls into the sandwich bag, whilst tea and cookies are served on the table until finally the coin goes inside a piggy bank.

The site also portrays ANZ as a leader in the home loan market with professional staff who gets stuff done.


The overall design pushed the boundaries of pre-established ANZ brand guideline where I leveraged ANZ's complementary colours to visually denote each chapter of the journey, as well as broke away from the rigid 3-column layout grid dictated by the online style guide.

The final result was a refreshing take on ANZ's corporate look by showing its colourful side, whilst staying true to its core value of understanding the world where ANZ customers lived in. Hence the tagline 'We live in your world'.

This website was a Best Design Awards 2013 Finalist in the category of Interactive.