ANZ Account Finder Tool

With the ANZ Account Finder tool a potential customer can quickly and confidently find bank accounts that suit his/her financial needs or employment status, by simply tapping through a few screens of touch-friendly buttons, on desktop and mobile.

Client: ANZ

Roles:  UX / UI / interaction design / client presentation / icon & animation concept




We started this project with an analysis of the tool's business goals and the minimum information we needed from a new customer in order to find a matching bank account. Then we set up a workshop with ANZ stakeholders to co-write a series of questionnaires to replace the old form fields. The draft questionnaires were used to conceptualize two different options: a vertical accordion-type HTML form and a horizontal slideshow Q&A screens. 

After a round of user testing we opted for the second option as it accommodated tablet and laptop users better. From there, I helped refine the delivery mechanism by sketching the user interface, interaction concept and iconography.


The main design principles were: the 'form' should be very easy to use, quick to complete and based on mobile-first strategy. Taking cues from iOS 7 HCI guidebook, I designed the tool with delightful visual feedbacks that entertained and informed customers. Hence the emphasis on large buttons that make you want to click, as well as smooth screen transitions accompanied by nifty animated icons. These icons are contextual to each screen and serve as a form of storytelling.


We built an HTML prototype based on my sketches for further user testings. The final prototype was used as an interaction model by the developers, and  I provided the finished UI design, layout and icon animation concept to the brand agency for final touches.


the new account finder


Filling up an online banking form with a long list of input boxes feels arduous these days. The newly developed ANZ Account Finder tool replaces these mundane form fields with touch-friendly buttons. You simply click or tap your way through two to four questionnaire screens and immediately see the recommended bank account options. That's it!


The new ANZ Account Finder works seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile.


ANZ Account Finder / Everyday & Savings



ANZ Account Finder / Students