2degrees illustrations

2degrees is a successful telecommunication company founded by New Zealanders, and operate in the crowded local mobile market. In its early days, TBWA\Tequila was instrumental in launching some of the most memorable digital marketing campaigns between 2011-2013.

Client: 2degrees

Roles: art direction / design / illustration


Carryover Data \ banner ad game


During this period I was the lead designer on most of 2degrees digital marketing campaigns from its YouTube channel, banner ads and illustrations. It was fun as the company's personality lent itself to ideas that were creative and quirky with an inherent aptitude to fight for the underdogs (by helping everyday kiwis with fairer mobile data costs).



carryover data youtube banner


The most challenging aspect of designing a banner ad is the limited amount of file size that a standard banner is allowed to have. It requires sharp skills and a vigilant team effort to concept the story, execute the ideas, and develop the Flash ads without sacrificing too much. And like any good storybooks, top notch illustrations play a pivotal role in conveying the product/brand messages. Squeezing Rhys Darby into a 30-40Kb banner ad was quite a quest onto its own.



$10 text deal \ interactive banner ad


$10 text deal web banner


2degrees youtube channel


other 2degrees campaign